BKON’s RAIN Makes Cold Brew Shine

Photos: BKON

Since hitting the market with their innovative craft brewer in 2014, BKON has continued to focus on innovating systems for the world of craft refreshment with its patented Reverse Atmospheric Infusion (RAIN) technology.

The RAIN process allows for programmable extraction for any organic matter, making it ideal for cafés and retail spaces with both coffee and tea programs. Though initially only offered as a single-serve operation, BKON has since launched its industrial-scale Storm Craft Brewer, which uses the RAIN technology to scale up cold brew production, brewing up to 32 times faster than the traditional immersion method. The machine is manufactured by Oat Foundry, out of Philadelphia.


Determined to prove just how innovative their RAIN technology is, BKON announced last week the results of a new study stating that it not only increases the freshness of packaged cold brew from 1–2 days to at least 120, but also extends the life of the beverage for months further.

Conducting the study with a leading coffee roaster and third-party lab EMSL Analytical Inc., BKON tested the freshness of two RAIN-brewed coffee products over 12 months, finding that each product remained consistent for over four months. Additionally, cans from the partnering coffee roaster’s production run were provided to EMSL labs for microbiological analysis. EMSL found that the cold brew coffee did not support the growth of any tested bacteria with undetectable levels up to 273 days—far surpassing the industry standard of 45 days.

“In a non-RAIN brewed cold brew, the pH shifts in as little as 45 days due to the growth of lactic bacteria,” says BKON co-founder Lou Vastardis. “As it begins to grow, it eventually turns sour, leaving it unrecognizable compared with its fresh-brewed counterpart. As a result, brands have been forced to choose between limiting their distribution, or heat-treating the coffee, which flattens the flavor and fails to deliver the fresh-brewed experience consumers expect.

“Through the findings of this study, we’ve proven that a higher standard of packaged cold brew is now attainable,” he continues. “Consumers can experience the promise of freshness and distinguishable flavors months after production, and coffee brands can now expand the reach and scale of their cold supply product line by replicating what our current partners have achieved.”

For more information on BKON, visit www.bkonbrew.com.