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This is a coffee story: a farmer at origin, picking berries one-by-one from a lot destined to win a Cup of Excellence competition. And this is a coffee story: a roaster working hard to train a restaurant to brew right. So is this: a new café owner deciding if a pour-over bar is worth the labor costs.

And this is a tea story: a picker popping the first flush off a tea shrub older than her grandmother, who picked from it too. This is a tea story: blenders fussing over how many grams of cocoa nibs enflame this tisane and how many deaden it. And this is, too: a customer discovering just how great whole leaf really is.

At Fresh Cup, we’ve spent more than two decades covering the stories of specialty coffee and tea, showcasing tea-growing regions and cutting-edge coffee towns, giving voice to stalwart veterans and visionary newcomers, digging into issues important to owners and those vital to employees. Our stories have educated our international readership on best business practices and on the amazing things going on in the far-flung corners of the industries. More than anything, Fresh Cup has shown how complex, exciting, sophisticated, and plain cool tea and coffee are.


Ellie Bradley, editor

Ellie joined the Fresh Cup team in February as the associate editor, and now oversees all of the magazine’s editorial content. She swapped her barista apron for a red pen, and is wrapping up her master’s degree in technical writing.

What is your favorite intersection in Portland?

NW 11th & Couch St. It’s all happening there: books, coffee, kitchenwares, overpriced clothing. It’s amazing.

What are your favorite work tunes?

Classical piano or gangsta rap (depends on the weekday).

What’s your favorite Princess Bride quote?

Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Washed, natural, or honey process?

I don’t claim any particular allegiance, but I’m definitely a sucker for a fruit-bomb natural.

Favorite Fresh Cup story?

I loved the Water Issue as a whole. Phil Robertson’s story, “Correct Coffee, Wrong Water,” does a great job of capturing water’s power to impact the flavor of coffee—both positively and negatively.

What is your favorite glyph?

The snark mark (.~) or the interrobang: ‽.

What’s the last show you binge-watched?

The Great British Bake Off. Can we talk about #bingate for a second?

If you were a dish at Thanksgiving, what would you be?

The basket of rolls. Warm. Inviting. The table unifier.


Cynthia Meadors, art director

Cynthia is a Fresh Cup veteran, creating stunning layouts, taking photos, and bringing innovation to the magazine’s design elements over the last eleven years.

What is your favorite intersection in Portland?

NW 10th & Burnside. Love the Pod sculpture’s interactivity and Powell’s City of Books—there is always something going on right there.

Black, green, or oolong?

Black, I am a pu-erh fan. But I also really enjoy a good Tie Guanyin.

What are your favorite work tunes?

Usually hip-hop or EDM. Depends on my mood—sometimes its rock music from the 70s.

Favorite Fresh Cup story?

Menu Development.” I think it is a fun, informative piece to read. It’s something I feel shops really need to focus on in order to keep their customers happy and engaged. Plus it’s fun to see the different ideas and designs that cafés come up with.

What’s the last book you read?

Grunt by Mary Roach (but really it was Tiger Eyes by Judy Bloom for my book club—reliving our teen years, ha!).

What is your favorite glyph?

Ampersand . . . so elegant & classic.

What is your favorite coffee experience?

Drinking a fantastic americano at a tiny café in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.

What’s your favorite Princess Bride quote?

Vizzini: No more rhymes now, I mean it!
Fezzick: Anybody want a peanut?

If you were a dish at Thanksgiving, which one would you be?

Green bean casserole. Simple and yet so complex.


Michael Harris, sales manager

Michael is the newest member of the Fresh Cup team, but a seasoned member of the specialty coffee industry. Before he joined Fresh Cup, Michael worked with Cappuccine, Allann Brothers, and iFill.

What is your favorite intersection in Portland?

NE 15th and Alberta. Great people watching spot, great food, and my daughter lives there, where a vacant parking place is always waiting just for me.

Washed, natural, or honey process?

I prefer washed. If the harvest is spot on, the washed process reveals the true nature of what is inside the bean, not the outside of the bean. A washed Kenya AA and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe/Sidamo are my favorites.

Black, green, or oolong?

Assam in the morning Jasmine pearl before bed . . . oolong in between.

What are your favorite work tunes?

Neil Young, Bruce Hornsby, Led Zepplin, Dandy Warhols, Buddy Guy. That’s my Monday list.

Favorite Fresh Cup story?

Getting Your Menu in Order” in September 2016. An essential read if you plan to update, upgrade, or otherwise change your existing menu, and especially helpful if you are planning to open a café or coffee house. If you are just starting up, begin by reading this article, then go work on your menu and finish a first draft before you do anything else.

Last show you binge-watched?

The Rifleman, I love black and white westerns.

What’s your favorite Princess Bride quote?

I am a proud salesman so my favorite is, “Have fun stormin’ the castle.”

What’s your favorite social media platform?

My disco shoes from the 70s…

If you were a dish at Thanksgiving, which one would you be?

My grandma’s cranberry dish. I liked it so much she left it to me.


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